Sunday, August 21, 2005

PLEASE: Rosemary Sutcliff without an e!

I was delighted to find that a primary school in Kent is recommending Rosemary to students and parents; but a little dismayed that they spell her name wrong. In fact, if you Google 'Rosemary Sutcliffe' with an e (as I have just done) you find many versions of this error in schools and in bookshops. Indeed, one of her publshers made this mistake in the promotional blurb for one of her books that they published , but I will draw a veil over that!


Blogger Sandra said...

Ohhhh! The Sutcliff with a 'e' absolutely drives me nuts. I've seen it used by people claiming to be 'great fans' of hers. I always think it's disrespectful to get people's names wrong. It's fine if it's a on-off mistake, but continuously ... Sheesh!

August 21, 2005  

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